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Chemical Etching

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Electro-Chemical Etching is a professional looking, means of permanent, non-destructive product identification that does not cause distortion, sharp indentations, or unbalance in delicate parts. This process is widely accepted as a modern and economical way to mark on conductive metal surfaces regardless of how hard the material may be. 

Millennium Signatures Marking Systems Inc., has a 50 year history in the manufacture and supply of Electro-Chemical Etching Equipment, Accessories, and Supplies for the manufacturing sector. The following pages provide a wealth of information regarding the Chemical Etching process and demonstrate our superior competence in this field.  We maintain a large inventory of accessories and supplies and have been supporting the Aerospace, Nuclear, Medical/Surgical and Food Preperation industries in numerous countries around the world. 


Electro-Chemical Etching is most applicable where hardened, thin and delicate, or already assembled parts must be marked permanently. There is no external force required to make an indentation or mark. It’s very simple, fast & safe to use. The Electro-Chemical Etching Process is actually the reverse of electroplating. A low pulsating voltage, low amperage current is passed through the open aperture of a on-demand die-impression paper, on-demand thermal paper or long life fabric stencil. The polarity is reversed from that used for electroplating. A permanent surface etch 0.0001” to 0.001″ deep is easily made in less than one (1) second.


In some industries such as Automotive or Aerospace, specifications call for DEEP ETCHING in applications where the marked surface of the part may experience some wear or the mark must be deep enough into the part to allow it to be clearly read once painted or anodized. Millennium Signatures Marking Systems produces heavy duty Power Units that are equipped with timers and current control features such as our Electronic Pulse Control or EPC feature combined with a higher output allowing marking results of potentially up to 0.010” or 0.012” deep depending on the material and techniques used.  When DEEP ETCHING is done to provide a higher level of durability often used to ensure markings are long lasting in high abrasion situations or when the marking needs to be seen through coatings of paints and primers, some technique comes into play, but it is easily learned and the skills of applying such markings quickly enhances over time. 


On most metals, you have the control to produce a clean professional looking mark in one of three (3) possible colors or contrasts, Black, White (Clear) or various shades Grey providing excellent contrast on various metal surface conditions and coatings.  By using the right Electrolyte solution in combination with DC Voltage settings it is even possible to get permanent markings white in appearance on Black Oxide and Steam Homo Vapor Coated Parts.   The Electro-Chemical Etching Process DOES NOT work on Anodized Aluminum Parts as the process is reliant on good conductivity and the Anodizing process does diminish or eliminate current passing through the part.  

NEW – For really high-contrast BLACK imaging on Stainless Steels, try our NEW Electrolyte Formulation called X4R-428 which provides the best contrast we have seen to date on Stainless Products.  It is not a brown or rust colored result, but rather crisp, clean BLACK imaging making your parts look more professional.


The Electro-Chemical Etching Process is so easy to use that users need no special skills or training to use effectively. All products are classed non-hazardous and ship by ground or air without any special measures taken. The Electrolytes are a sodium and water based solution that when combined with the electrical current in the proper way, dissolve metal and extract it into a Monopad Applicator and in some cases when the AC current option is selected re-deposits and Black Oxide in the cavity resulting in a beautiful, high contrast, stress-free marking regardless the contour or hardness of the metal being etched.   It is so fast that most permanent surface markings are made in less than one (1) second. The low currents used are harmless so it is absolutely safe and been successfully used to perform this very task since the 1940’s.   Products are labelled with QR Codes that contain the latest MSDS/SDS Documentation where applicable and special labelling is provided for some countries that have additional requirements for product labelling either for Customs Clearance or Health and Safety mandates. 


  • Taps & Dies
  • Nuclear Components
  • Turbine Blades
  • Saw Blades
  • Tubing
  • Carbide Tooling
  • Bearings
  • Gauges
  • Stainless Steel Parts
  • Surgical & Dental Instruments
  • Titanium Parts
  • Hunting & Fishing Knives


At Millennium Signatures Marking Systems, we pride ourselves on having what you need in-stock and ready to ship when you need it.  In some cases product such as Hand Markers or Long Life Fabric Stencils  are uniquely made to suit your specific needs, but the bulk of our product line including complete Marking Kits, Power Units,  65 Electrolyte Formulations, Various Monopad Products, Die-Impression Stencil Papers, Thermal Stencil Papers, Cleaning Trays, Finger Grounds, Bar Grounds, Bench Fixtures, Stencil Imprinters, Grounding Plates, Stencil Paper Stands and more are always maintained IN-STOCK so we can meet your needs efficiently.


If you have parts that you would like to mark, we would be happy to test mark them and put our experience to work for you. Stamping, Engraving & Laser Part Marking Services are also available. Please contact us for more information.