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Custom Part Marking

Convenient. Precise. Effective.


Millennium Signatures Marking Systems Inc., has spend the past 50+ Years specializing in helping manufacturers from every industry imaginable get permanent, fast, efficient, cost-effective and clean, professional looking identification on their products using a wide range of technologies designed to meet even the most rigid Aerospace, Nuclear and Military Specifications being requested today.  The processes our company specializes in include the following:

Computerized Dot Peen Marking Technology
  • Benchtop Configurations
  • Hand-Held Pneumatic Portable Units for Deep Marking of Large/Heavy components 
  • Battery Powered Light Weight Hand-Held Portables
  • Compact (Universal Mount) Integrator Series Marking Heads for production lines and cells
  • Heavy Duty Benchtop Rotary Marking Systems for Cylinders & Hex Bar
Engraving Services
  • Custom 2D and 3D Engraving Services
  • Steel Stamps, Inserts, Coining Dies, Low Stress Stamps
  • Number & Letter Handstamps
  • Roll Dies, Segmental Steel Type and Embossing Dies etc.
  • Numbering Heads (Manual / Auto Indexing Formats)
  • 2D Engraved Plates on various materials
  • Heat Treating & Anodizing Services
Galvo Driven Laser Marking Technology
  • 20-Watt to 100-Watt Fibre Laser Marking Systems (Class IV Integration Style Lasers)

  • 20-Watt to 100-Watt Fibre Laser Marking Systems in a range of Class I, Workstation Formats

  • 60-Watt to 120-Watt CO2 Laser Marking Systems (Class IV Integration Style Lasers)

  • 60-Watt to 120-Watt CO2 Laser Marking Systems in a range of Class I, Workstation Formats

  • 30-Watt to 120-Watt Flatbed Fibre & CO2 Flatbed Flying Optic Style Laser Marking & Cutting Systems 

Why Choose Us?
  • Use our 50+ years expertise to mark your parts for you.
  • Multiples of each system design, intended to prevent down-time with any technical issues.
  • Fast, Efficient Turn-around Times.
  • Nylon Fixturing & Professional Part Handling & Processing.
  • Decades of experience working to manufacturer specifications.
  • Huge library of Aerospace and Nuclear Specifications maintained for reference

Custom Part Marking Policy

Millennium Signatures Marking Systems Inc. now has over 50 years of experience marking products of all shapes, sizes and materials and routinely works to rigid specifications such as those commonly found in the Aerospace and Nuclear Industries among others. 

There are procedures in place that are rigidly always followed to make sure that we can proceed with your part marking project through Artwork Approvals and First Article Inspections which are provided via email using good quality macro photography to ensure the content and placement of the markings is fully acceptable to the client before additional part(s) are processed. 

Millennium Signatures will do Application Testing on supplied samples and/or sample material provided by the customer before marking and confirm with the client that marking content and quality is completely acceptable before processing additional parts. 

If an error still occurs due to operator error or equipment failure, Millennium Signatures will take responsibility by covering the costs of remarking only.  Millennium Signatures Marking Systems Inc. can in no way be responsible for the replacement cost of the part(s) or the cost of any processes involved with reworking the parts for re-marking.  It is important that drawings or specific details such as desired font, specific placement detail, marking depth and contrast should be conveyed at the time of ordering and indicated on your purchase order. 

Custom Part Marking is a volume based business and additional discounting is available in most cases as the volume of parts to be processed increases, likewise, increases are possible with a reduction in volume per batch received.

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