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Electric / Vibro Etching


One of our BEST SELLING Signature Series Products continues to be our MS-990 Air Vibro Hand-Held Scribing Tool.  This handheld device is ideal for general part marking and identification of component parts made in a variety of common materials. It is handheld and at a weight of just 0.26 lbs or (0.12kg) and is used much as you would as a regular pen, ideal when speed and comfort is a critical factor. These units are lightweight, easy to handle and can take a lot of abuse. These marking tools operate with a frequency of 190 impacts per second and serve numerous applications and are also proven very effective on hardened material and plastics.  Sound levels can vary slightly from one type of metal alloy to another, but a sound pressure level of 72 dB(A) with an uncertainty of 3dB(A) is what official testing procedures in accordance with ISO15744 have determined.  This product is an approved low stress marking option for metal parts in many different industries.

These Hand-Held Marking Tools are cost-effective and easy to have at various work stations making it a quick and easy way to identify a part as “SCRAP” or maintaining part numbers or heat code traceability on a part as it continues to move between machining processes.  It operates off a traditional Compressed Air source requiring 6.3 Bar or 90 PSI to operate effectively.   Marking results can be adjusted slightly by lowering or increasing the supplied air pressure.  This product does not have any bulky electric motors to try and wrap your hand around.  It is a streamlined product that allows for excellent control to maintain good character generation.  Also features a built-in on/off switch which is easy to access at the top of the pen where it connects to the air line (included).


conductive materials where a permanent non-destructive marking needs to be applied.  These systems are cable of leaving very fine line results witch can leave guidelines and other information  that you wish to be undetectable at a later stage of the manufacturing process possible.

Millennium Signatures offers four (4) models which all work similarly, but each model offers a different range of power and capability.  Refer to our models MS-30, MS-60, MS-130 and our largest most powerful system MS-490.  Please see details of the various systems below and download our feature sheets to compare models. 

The MS-30 is our 500 Watt System and offers four (4) Heat Stages.  This system as with all of our various models is supplied complete with the specified Power Supply,  Pencil Cord, Ground Clamp and Cable plus an assortment of our three (3) most popular marking tip configurations.

The MS-60 is our 1500 Watt System and offers twelve (12) Heat Stages.

The MS-130 is possibly our most popular  selling unit which yields 1500 Watts and offers fifteen (15) Heat Stages.

The MS-490 is the largest of our Electric Etch Marking Kits and boasts 2500 Watts and offers 2500 Watts and offers thirty (30) Heat Stages.

Millennium Signatures maintains a full stock of replacement parts, accessories and consumables for this equipment in-house to support your future requirements. 


Use on:

  • Taps & Dies
  • Nuclear Components
  • Turbline Blades
  • Saw Blades
  • Tubing
  • Carbide Tooling
  • Bearings
  • Gauges
  • Stainless Steel Parts
  • Surgical & Dental Instruments
  • Titanium Parts


CNC Scribe Marking or Computerized Drop & Drag Marking Systems as it is often called is very much like a Computerized Dot Peen Marking System, but they do not strike the marking surface repeatedly. They drag a very hard solid Tungsten Carbide Marking Tip across the surface of the material in a very precise and controlled manner leaving a permanent scratch or “scribe” on the material being marked.  The lines are very crisp, clean and precise and puts very little stress into the part but gives a more engraved look as opposed to a marking comprised of dots.This process has proven to be very popular for Frame Marking and VIN ID Tag Marking in the Automotive Industry, but also has applications found in many different manufacturing sectors.  One benefit is that they are very quiet when compared to Dot Peen Marking.  These systems can produce very precise markings such as characters as small as 1mm and 2D Matrix and QR Machine Readable Codes.  They are very robust Marking Head designs based on a High Precision Ball Screw Drive system.  These systems use our SI-03 Marking Pins which is different than those offered for the Dot Peen System Series.  There are three (3) CNC Scribing System models to choose from including our

MS-CNCS85 which offers a Marking Area of 80mm (X) x 50mm (Y),

MS-CNCS120 which offers a Marking Area of 90mm (X) x 80mm (Y)

MS-CNCS230 which provides a Marking Area of 230mm (X) x 50mm (Y).