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Laser Enhancement Solutions


Millennium Signatures Marking Systems has become the Exclusive Canadian Distributor for Cermark Laser Marking Materials.

Design & Process

Cermark manufactured Laser Marking Materials has been designed to allow you to get more from your laser. Through the application of a Cermark product on your part prior to lasing you can achieve brilliant, professional looking laser marking results even with very low powered lasers or potentially capable of marking materials that are not typically affected by your particular system. To offer a better example, Cermark products offer you the ability to get beautiful marking results on a variety of different metals with deep colour and contrast using nothing more than a low powered CO2 Laser Marking systems that normally would only be effective on organic materials such as wood, leather, paper, plastics and glass etc.

The process is as simple as applying the Cermark Laser Marking Material evenly to the surface of the part covering the marking area, a process most commonly applied by spray can or airbrush, then using virtually any Nd:YAG, Nd:YVO4 or CO2 Laser Marking System and then rinse or wipe the excess Laser Marking Material from the part leaving an incredible deep black and permanent laser sharp marking.


This incredible process is fast, safe and allows for so much creativity on your part marking projects. Just as you could use a CO2 to mark metals with brilliant results, Laser Marking Materials can also enhance the quality of your marking on other materials also including, Glass and Ceramics. Likewise, this same process could be done using low wattage Nd:YAG and Nd:YVO4 Laser Marking Systems.

Among the many benefits to the marking results achieved using these Laser Marking Materials, the deep black colour that results on your product is permanent and creates the contrast needed allowing machine readable codes such as more conventional linear barcodes and 2-dimensional matrix codes to be successfully lased on materials that would otherwise be impossible to identify and track with such technology. Glass or ceramics would be an excellent example of this. Without the technology of Cermark Laser Marking Materials available, permanent markings on these materials would be difficult and the results yielded would be difficult to see and certainly would not likely make it possible to use scanner technology to read the marking results.





Additional Information

Additional information on this process can be found at or by contacting our Millennium Signatures Marking Systems – Technical Sales & Support Center at Tel: (905) 639-0909 or by Fax: (905) 639-0919 or visit the Contact Us portion of this site to submit an inquiry via e-mail.