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Photo-Resist Etch & Fill Nameplates

Applications & Process

Millennium Signatures Marking Systems Inc., provides high quality Deep Etch & Filled Signs & Nameplates custom made to suit your specific application. We offer several different nameplate technologies, however one of our more popular is our Photo-Resist Deep Etch & Fill Nameplates because aside from its incredible durability the depth of the etch gives it a very rich appearance and filling the etch with an enamel gives us the ability to work with multiple colours and if necessary and match colours in most cases.

The etch & fill process can be done on a few different metals, but most popular are Aluminum and Stainless Steel. We also have achieved some beautiful results on a Black Mirror Chrome Plates Steel as well. Despite that the artwork is all created digitally in our advanced Graphic Artwork Department, this process still relies on producing from a film. What this suggests is that this process is slightly more labour intensive and is better suited to higher volume applications. We are completely prepared to produce a small volume of plates for you, even a one or two piece order, but price is definitely impacted directly by volume with this specific process. Purchasing 500 plates for example will have a huge cost saving advantage over purchasing 50 plates and purchasing 50 plates will Have a huge cost saving advantage over purchasing 2 plates.

This process is particularly common in elevators and directories among other places. The etch is sharp and crisp and penetrates into the material to a depth of 0.004” to 0.006” after fill in most materials. It is most often done on a #4 Finish Brushed Stainless or an Aluminum plate material in a range of standard thicknesses. Much like our many other sign and plate processes, we can provide you the plates to the specifications you require. We can cut these plates to shape, incorporate square or rounded corners, provide clearance holes or mounting holes and slots etc.

This process is widely used for creating Nameplates or Dataplates for such things are Pressure Vessels and Various Fabrications but it is just as popular for signage. These signs give a rich looking appearance that have been known to  compliment showrooms and facilities at the Yacht Club or Golf & Country Club. We are pretty much unlimited as to what we can do graphically as long as the detail does not become so fine that we would have difficulty getting the etch to  accept an enamel fill. These signs are excellent for both indoor and outdoor application.

LASER SINTERED NAMEPLATE, While colour is not an option, these plates are extremely cost effective to produce in singles or lower volumes over what other processes can offer.

Metal Photo Process (Anodized Aluminum) Colour Process, smooth finish and very durable

Sample Part Marking

If you have parts that you would like to mark, we would be happy to test mark them and put our experience to work for you. Stamping, Engraving & Laser Part Marking Services are also available. Please contact us for more information.