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Engraved Metal & Plastic Signs / Nameplates


When it comes to engraving Millennium Signatures has pretty much every option covered. Being one of our oldest of our technologies, Millennium Signatures has the ability to provide the true art of manual 2D and 3D Pantograph Engraving,  along with computerized engraving and routing technologies and now over 22 experience in Laser engraving. We are pretty much a one stop shopping experience for those in need of engraving


Millennium Signatures has the ability to provide 2D and 3D engraving on a range of materials. We specialize in the 3D engraving of Steel Stamping Dies, Branding Dies and Coining Dies, but for years and years have been providing basic 2D  engraving of signs and plates for all types of industry. As you will see from our website, we have many technologies for producing sign and plate products, but in some cases using manual or computerized engraving is still the best fit for some  jobs. We can engrave plastics such as Lamacoid and Lexan. We can engrave most metals and alloys. We can provide an enamel fill in various colours much as described in our page outlining our Photo-Resist Deep Etch & Fill Process if required.

If you have an application you know requires engraving due to a specific depth requirement or a unique surface please contact our Customer Service Team to get some pricing and lead times for your project. Given that we have several other plate technologies that may better support your requirements, then we will advise you accordingly and you can decide what you feel is the best fit for you.

For additional information on our engraving services and capabilities visit our page on Custom Engraved Steel Stamping Dies.


Sample Part Marking

If you have parts that you would like to mark, we would be happy to test mark them and put our experience to work for you. Stamping, Engraving & Laser Part Marking Services are also available. Please contact us for more information.