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Photo Etched & Anodized Aluminum Nameplates

Application Types

Millennium Signatures Marking Systems Inc. provides custom made high quality Signs, Nameplates and Dataplates. We offer several different nameplate technologies, however one of our most popular is our Metal Photo and Anodized Aluminum Nameplate product.  These plates are exceptionally durable and withstand exposure to the natural elements and most chemicals with extensive studies done to validate their longevity in various environments.

These plates are designed for long term use on aircraft and meet AS9100 Quality Specifications.  This particular nameplate technology is based strictly on Aluminum, but allows us to permanently embed even the most intricate graphic detail into the aluminum plate and seal them in a way that provides incredible wear and fade resistance and produces an very reliable source of identification.  One of the greatest benefits to this particular process is that we can produce plates in a range of colours and also combine colours as required on a single plate.

These plates are smooth to the touch and the visual contrast is excellent.  They will display your information in a very professional way adding to the appearance of your product.


We make these plates custom to suit your exact needs.  We produce these tags, plates or signs to any shape or size you might require.

We can produce this product on paper thin aluminum sheet which actually acts as a foil label or we can produce on aluminum plate in a range of standard thicknesses.

We can provide pre-drilled holes or slots to accommodate screws, rivets or banding. We can supply square corners or rounded corners at specific radius if needed.  We can also offer plates equipped with the highest quality 3M Self-Adhesive Backings allowing superior bonding on many surfaces with fast peel and stick application.  We also offer clear poly sheet protection (PolyMask) on the face of our plates to protect the plates during shipping and installation, but also allows the plate to be installed on a product prior to final paint allowing the plate to be automatically masked and remain readable.  When the final paint process is complete, just peel the Poly Mask Protective coating off and reveal a brilliant and beautiful looking nameplate on your finished product.

To assist with the production of any of our Sign & Plate Technologies, Millennium Signatures is equipped with an in-house Graphic Artwork Department that can prepare layouts for you or take your existing artwork and make the necessary preparations to take it to production.  Additional features that we can add to our plates include, Sequential Numbering, Linear and 2D Barcodes and even RFID chips.

The production of our High Durability Metal Photo Plates are driven by the demanding needs of the Aerospace Industry, but they are an effective solution for many applications from the Landing Gear on Commercial & Military Aircraft to  Hydro Transformers and Pipelines to Pizza Ovens.  There are thousands of uses for these plates whether they are promoting Brand Identification with logo’s or important Safety Information or Electrical Schematics.  This product is a very  versatile option for identifying your products.

 In most cases we can prepare your artwork for your final approval and have plates processed in just a few days to just a few Weeks depending on the size and extent of the project and the amount of work presently in-house.  Contact our Customer Service Team today to discuss your current application. Call (905) 639-0909 or e-mail us at

Stencil Size 2 1/2″ x 7″



Sample Part Marking

If you have parts that you would like to mark, we would be happy to test mark them and put our experience to work for you. Stamping, Engraving & Laser Part Marking Services are also available. Please contact us for more information.