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Custom ID Stickers & Self-Adhesive Labels

Millennium Signatures In-house Graphic Art Department has acquired the ability to produce high quality full colour self adhesive labels and has become specialized in producing label kits. We have not become a full blown label production house and do not specialize in producing self-adhesive flexible labels in huge quantities but we do produce a very good quality label and we are cost effective especially when it comes to low volume applications and the introduction of a lot of variables such as barcodes, serial numbers and multiple copy changes.

Design & Process

Sticker Kits are sheets of Custom Made labels that all deal with one product assembly on a single sheet. This is to say that if you have a device or assembly that requires eleven (11) different stickers for example, we would produce these in  sheets with all eleven different stickers on a single page. One page would be dedicated to the complete labeling of a single device or assembly. It allows installers to identify that nothing has been missed in labeling an assembly given that all the  stickers on a kit (page) have been used. It also ensures that you do not find yourself running out of some stickers while being left with others in stock. If you have a kit on-hand you have everything you need to properly label and complete  assembly.

Our in-house graphic artwork department can assist you in creating the layouts you require or helping you to implement graphics you already have into our production. Producing flexible full colour self-adhesive labels is a service that has  only been introduced in the past couple of years by Millennium Signatures, but it is a natural fit with the skills and technology we already have in-house. We have had many customers try our label product and we have only had excellent  reviews about the performance of the product, the quick turn-around time and pricing we were able to offer. 

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Sample Part Marking

If you have parts that you would like to mark, we would be happy to test mark them and put our experience to work for you. Stamping, Engraving & Laser Part Marking Services are also available. Please contact us for more information.